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  • SANIJET C. 1218

    SANIJET C.1218 is the most advanced and simplest solution to carry out all CBRN (Chem, Biol,Radi and Nucl) decontamination/detoxification operations using our decontaminant/detoxificant product BX 24.

  • FIRE STOP 200/30

    FIRE STOP 200/30 is the fastest solution for initial firefighting in urban or difficult terrain where equipment size is restricted.


    WJFE 300 MODULAR is a revolutionary system for drilling and the first attack on suppressing fires in closed environments.

  • PSDS/10 MIL

    PSDS/10 MIL is a portable equipment for the decontamination of vehicles, equipment, personnel, materials and terrain. It has been designed for crew/squad level to be used in association with our decontaminant/detoxificant product BX 24.

  • PSDS/1,5 MIL

    PSDS/1,5 MIL is a small CBRN decontamination equipment for immediate intervention in case of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) decontamination/detoxification operations with our decontaminant/ detoxificant product BX 24.


We are committed to providing users with professional,efficient and comprehensive solutions for CBRN detection, protection, rescue and decontamination missions.


BEIJING SKYTECH Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that distribute all kinds of advanced equipment for security detection, defence,decontamination and training. Being cutting-edge, reliable, practical and cost-effective, they are considered as the ideal solution for police, special force, commodity inspection bureau, fire brigade, environmental protection agent, airport and so on.

So far we are capable of providing more than 100 kinds of products as a result of both independent R&D and partnership with many world-leading companys, such as SMITHS, DYCOR, CRISTANINI.S.P.A, TAMAR, RENFUL, DSA Detection ect.

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